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What Our Products Can Do for You

Transfast is our most versatile logo or branding transfer system. Suited for applications onto most leisure wear, sportswear and industrial workwear, it’s the perfect compliment for all your garment decoration needs.

DPT-Online Ltd Home Wash Branding Solutions

Transfast Ultra was designed and developed for the gentle side of the dry cleaning industry and the harsh conditions of deep chemical cleaning. Transfast Ultra really is in a league of its own.

Washing Machine Drum

Our groundbreaking Silicone heat seal system is strong, extremely stretchable and with its versatile application conditions, makes Eco S4® a fantastic addition to most coated waterproof fabrics.

Nature Photographer

Our sportswear transfer system Eco W60 is the most durable sports print on the market and has been designed to stretch and breath along with the garment, keeping its colour, shape and natural feel for longer.

Female Soccer Players

There can be no compromise to safety at any level, and that especially includes reflective designs, logos and text. We can make your garment design really stand out for maximum market exposure, whist providing a much needed safety bonus.


We use printed reflective material most commonly when a corporate identity or logo is required to decorate a reflective safety garment whilst keeping the certification of the garment in tact. 

Weatherguard has been developed to print effectively on waterproof garments, rain jackets and sports bags this through its own low curing point. Recommended for difficult sportswear fabrics such as Lycra and neoprene. 

DPT-Online Ltd Printed HTV Cad Reflective
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