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Eco S4

Waterproof Coated Fabrics

Strong, extremely stretchable and its versatile application conditions makes Eco S4® a fantastic addition to most coated waterproof fabrics.

Our ground-breaking Silicone heat seal system combats dye migration 100% making the need for carbon dye blockers obsolete.

Washing conditions are truly outstanding with over 75 cycles at 60°C outperforming the garments life cycle in most instances and complements any Softshell Material perfectly.

Silicone Inks, Truly Environmentally Friendly

When your dealing with the great outdoors and garments that need to cope with all the forces of nature, we’ve gone one better and incorporated nature within our product range of transfers.

The use of silicone rubber isn’t new but the way in which we’ve incorporated the concept into our product portfolio is making Eco S4® the only transfer product that truly delivers the best results when dealing with fabrics designed to keep the elements at bay. 

Outstanding qualities of Eco S4®

  • High gloss look

  • Good colour strength

  • Super flexibility

  • Resistant to bleed through

  • Technical fabrics

  • Sports fabrics

  • Polyester mix

  • Nylon

  • Stretchable materials

Key Benefits Of Eco S4

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