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Customer Portal
Online Artwork Storage

A one-stop modern solution for streamlining and delivering your projects in the digital world. Save time, manage and configure custom workflows by creating repeatable sequenceable steps. Approve and schedule new orders on the move!

A complete, integrated suite of powerful collaborative workflow capabilities and interactions, woven into our customer portal providing designer assistance from anywhere.


Send and receive messages within the portal, customize files, and much more. Delivering an on-demand experience while maintaining rigorous security.

When it comes to approving customer artwork it’s now as easy as 1, 2, 3. Your past artwork proofs are safely stored away online for you to view anytime too – it’s only getting better and better to have DPT as your preferred supplier!

Storage Benefits

Image by fabio

Artwork Storage Benefits

All artwork for past and present jobs secure.

Instant online recall for customer approval.

Pantone colour details on hand in case of new garment requirements.

Sizes of previous artwork known instantly, saves time for repeat ordering.

Fully Customised With Your Companies Logo

Fully professional interface with eye catching graphics.

Month by month folder allocation for easy checking.

Full searching capabilities, including ID or job name

Email direct to the customer from your storage area.

Direct Access to Art Studio

Graphic Designer

Direct Access To Your Own Studio Artist

Professional Artwork Service

All our artwork is available for you to purchase in most formats

Expert preparation techniques advice

Access To A Dedicated Team

Artwork proofs delivered straight from your designated DPT-Online studio artist.

Customer Ready Artwork

We're Making Things Easier

All proofs come complete with your company logo and business details attached.

Save time with repetitive tasks.

24/7 Secure Cloud Storage

Customer Artwork Secure Cloud Storage Service DPT-Online Ltd

24/7 Secure Cloud Storage

Past orders at your fingertips

Order and reorder with confidence

Fully Customised Logos

Secure Storage

Secure offsite cloud storage

Plan, order and track, all your customer projects in one place.

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